Posted by: eheino | March 5, 2013

The changing information and library landscape

What are the implications of this changing information and library landscape for the broader information profession?

After doing the reading for the introductory topic in ETL401,I have discovered that over the coming years the information profession will move from being generally based around physical content to being essentially virtual. Where previously information professionals, including librarians only needed limited knowledge of technology, it will become increasingly pressing that they become fluent in all aspects of technology, particularly in searching through online articles for relevant information. They will also need to be proficient with using tablets and e-readers as these become more and more prevalent.

I think that the idea of users being able to access any information they might need digitally and almost instantly is very exciting. I love technology, and am looking forward to the challenge of understanding these new technologies. I don’t think that the change will make the job of the librarian obsolete though, because as the breadth of information grows, librarians will become more important. As Frey notes in the DaVinci article; “People will not have the time and skills necessary to keep up on each new innovation in the search world, and they will need a competent professional to turn to.” (Frey, n.d) This is an aspect of a Teacher Librarian’s work that I hadn’t thought about before, as my focus has previously been on nurturing children’s love of reading, so I am quite enjoying thinking about this aspect of my new career.

The articles also highlight that teacher librarians are learners too. With the continuous changes to the information landscape, it is vital that teacher librarians stay on top of these changes, and enable students to work productively within these new information spheres.

I love technology, and the challenges of meeting the growing technological needs of my students excites me immensely. Over the next two years I am going to ensure I am up to date with the latest technologies, so when I find my own position, I am prepared to meet the needs of my students. I can’t wait to get started!

Frey, T. (n.d). The Future of Libraries. In DaVinci Institute. Retrieved from


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