Posted by: eheino | May 28, 2013

Time Management

I think what has made the biggest impact on me since the start of this course is the sheer capacity of work that a teacher-librarian is expected to do. Looking from the outside it doesn’t seem like there is a lot to do, but each job takes time, and time management is vital to staying on top of things without burning out.

I think the key to successfully managing your time is to make plans. Identify what it is that needs to be done, and plan your time accordingly. It is also important to set priorities – which tasks are most important? For many teacher-librarians the largest portion of time is spent teaching RFF style lessons. I would recommend trying to plan these lessons well in advance, so the smallest amount of time outside of lessons is spent planning and marking. This would leave more time for other areas that are constantly changing.

A weekly planner would be useful in identifying time spent doing things like collection management and planning information literacy programs. IL programs should be planned collaboratively so ensure that these times are spent with the other members of the IL team. Delgation of tasks can occur this way too.

If possible, organise your schedule so you have an admin day. That way you are accessible to staff and students whenever they need you on your teaching days, and you have a nice block of time to concentrate on admin tasks like collection management and physical space management.

I’m sure my ideas on this will change when I am actually working in this field. Reading the forums has already given me more ideas and things to think about when the time comes.


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