Posted by: eheino | July 20, 2013

Bloom’s Taxonomy & Google-Proofing

A new semester has begun, and with that comes new challenges and new things to think about.

ETL501 focuses on the information environment in which we live, and how teacher-librarians can assist students in finding and understanding information in this environment.

Topic 1 ‘The Learning Context’ reminded me that the educational focus has shifted from finding and remembering facts, to analysing and synthesising information to create our own understanding. Naturally everyone should be able to do this by the time they finish high school, however it seems that this focus needs to be brought forward because it is less important to be able to remember facts and figures when they are so easily and quickly available online. Many of our students have this attitude, since they have grown up with so much information readily available.

Blooms Taxonomy is an excellent way of addressing this issue. I particularly liked how Sowash (2009) used Blooms Taxonomy to talk about ‘Google-proof’ questions. These days it is so easy for students to find and transcribe information if the question is a straightforward research question, so it is important for teachers to set tasks that require students to think more deeply about the topic. Google-proof verbs include compose, create, construct, rate, evaluation, design, appraise, argue, and assemble (Sowash, 2009).

I also enjoyed perusing Kathy Shrock’s Blooming Apps page. I have bookmarked this one for future reference. I had no idea there were so many fantastic apps available! The deeper I get into this degree, the more I realise how much I am unaware of. I thought I was pretty knowledgable when it came to technology and what is available – apparently not!

Reference List:

Sowash, J. (2009). Google-Proof questioning: A new use for Bloom’s Taxonomy. In The Electric Educator. Retrieved from


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