Posted by: eheino | July 21, 2013

What is leadership?

ETL504 focuses on the leadership role of the Teacher Librarian. So far I am finding this subject more challenging than ETL501 as it pushes me further out of my comfort zone. I haven’t really had the opportunity to take a leadership role in a school environment yet, and I don’t naturally put myself forward for leadership roles either. The prospect of having to take on leadership positions in the school is definitely the most intimidating part of becoming a teacher librarian for me.

Onto the first readings..

I wrote the following passage before doing many of the readings:

To me a leader is someone who takes initiative to lead a group of people through a task. A good leader guides their teammates through the process, giving achievable tasks to group members and provides encouragement along the way. A good leader provides new ideas to the group, and encourages others to move beyond what they are comfortable with, to try new things. An excellent leader empowers their teammates and gives them room to use their own creativity and a forum to voice their ideas.

As a casual teacher I don’t often get the opportunity to demonstrate leadership amongst the staff, however being a teacher is being a leader itself. Every day I provide my students with new opportunities and encourage them to try things they might not be comfortable with. I provide them with encouragement to try their best, and give them all the material necessary for them to succeed.

After reading the Marzano, Waters, & McNulty reading it appears that I value a transformational leadership style. I also like the idea of a servant leader, and I think I would respond well to being led in this fashion because I would feel as if my input was valued, and that the leader cared about me as a person as well as the job I was performing.

I found it really difficult to answer the questionnaire as I am working as a casual teacher at the moment and am not really familiar with the inner workings of the schools I work at.

Reference List:

Marzano, R. J., Waters, T., & McNulty, B. A. (2005). Some theories and theorists on leadership. School leadership that works: from research to results (pp. 13-27). Alexandria, Va.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development


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