Posted by: eheino | July 28, 2013

Information Provision for Teachers

The modules for this topic note that the manner in which teacher librarians provide information to teachers has changed in recent times. Previously Teacher Librarians provided new books to teachers on relevant subject areas and about teaching itself. Today they have the opportunity to provide information in many different forms. There has also been a shift from ‘chalk and talk’ teaching styles to a more collaborative approach. Both of these changes have created a much more sophisticated role for the teacher librarian in the school.

This topic’s activity highlighted this change:

Activity: A new and inexperienced geography teacher has arrived in your school and has been given the task of teaching a year 7 class on rainforests as part of the Global Environments Focus Area. List 3 key types of information this teacher might need and suggest a source of information – this does not need to be exact, such as a URL, but more general such as ‘an article on’ or ‘a website about’

  • The teacher would need the school’s prescribed textbook on rainforests, as well as any other relevant print materials that the library has in its collection
  • A list of relevant and suitable websites relating to each area of the rainforest topic. It is important that most websites provided are readable for students as well as the teacher if the class is expected to do their own research on the subject. Interactive websites would be more engaging to students, as would webquests. The teacher should also be directed to the Tale resources on the DET website.
  • Today’s students expect information to be presented in a variety of formats, so relevant documentaries, video clips and television specials about specific rainforests and environmental issues relating to rainforests are also important.

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