Posted by: eheino | September 7, 2013

Search Engine Discoveries

Topic 4 for ETL501 has opened my eyes to the search possibilities outside Google. So I am going to use my blog post for this topic to catalogue the most useful search engines I have found by category.

Useful for teaching students about searching: – This website allows you to compare the search results between different search engines . When you search a phrase it shows you how many of the top 100 results overlap between the two engines you choose. This is a good way to demonstrate the importance of using more than just Google. – This site has a large number of lesson plans and activities for students to learn how to use google effectively – a visual way of teaching students how to advance search. It uses google results and narrows down the results visually. – This search engine finds images that are in the Creative Commons so are ok to use without permission.

Lists of search engines for different purposes: – When you browse this site you can view search engines that are useful for different purposes. This site opened my eyes to just how many options there are other than google. – This is a very detailed site but it has links to so many different kinds of searches that you can do, even image based ones that are good for visual learners

Kids Search Engine – This site uses Google, but filters out inappropriate results – a search engine for kids compiled by librarians. It doesn’t come up with many results, but they are rated by reading level which is handy

Tools to use in the classroom

Image Searches – This page is heaps better than google images for finding images to show in your classroom. It searches Flickr image tags and displays them in a visually pleasing way, which hides inappropriate results. You can also narrow down your search to be more specific before displaying the results to the class.

Synonym Search – This page shows synonyms in a mind map format

Sound Search  – This site finds royalty free soundbites which could be used as part of lessons or for stimulus for writing. I couldn’t get it to work on Chrome, I will have to check it on IE.

I used to consider myself pretty internet savvy, but the more of this subject that I complete, the more I realise that there is so much more out there that I had no idea about. There are so many useful tools to use not only for searching, but for creating content as well. I wish I had unlimited time to explore everything that there is on offer out there. No doubt there are some incredible tools that I don’t even know exist.


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