Posted by: eheino | September 10, 2013

Teacher Librarians and Blogging

Teacher Librarians could use a blog to keep in contact with the school community. They could post updates of new books that have arrived in the library, or reviews of books they particularly enjoyed. Doing this could encourage students to borrow books they may not have considered before. Students could then comment on the blog post and let the librarian know what they thought of the book, and post their own recommendations for their peers.

The teacher librarian’s blog could be part of a wider school blog that keeps parents up to date with happenings in the school. It could easily replace the school newsletter in this way.

The main issue the TL could have in maintaining the blog is time constraints. Keeping a high quality, timely blog takes a considerable amount of time, and many TLs would struggle to find this time in their already busy timetable. Depending on the school, it could be that the effort the TL puts into the blog may not be recognised by the school community if parents and/or students aren’t bothering to access it. Blogs can only be truly successful if they have a wide readership.


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