Posted by: eheino | September 10, 2013

Web 2.0 Tools, my thoughts

With Web 2.0 tools, the sky is the limit! Teachers can use presentation tools to create interactive and engaging lessons for their classes, and teach students to use them to create presentations for their research work. Video & mobile tools also allow students to present their work in new and exciting ways. Community tools will make the greatest impact on education in today’s schools however, because they allow teachers and students to share their thoughts and information online, to create collaborative projects and learn together.

There is a great opportunity for teacher librarians to change the way information literacy is taught to students through the use of Community Web 2.0 tools. By using a program like wikispace, students and teachers can provide help and feedback to each other while they are working on information literacy projects. The teacher librarian can also introduce students to creative presentation tools to enhance the presentation of their work.

While Web 2.0 tools are not essential to successful information literacy projects, they can enhance student engagement and allow students to create collaborate, edit and share content online.  As the information specialist, it is the teacher librarian’s responsibility to be aware of and fluent in the use of many different Web 2.0 tools in order to lead others in their use.

This page has some excellent examples of Web 2.0 tools for different purposes. They all look like fun!! Discovery Education Web 2.0 Tools


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