Posted by: eheino | September 12, 2013

My Conflict Resolution style

After completing this conflict resolution questionnaire I discovered that my conflict resultion style is

Accommodating. You tend to express below average assertiveness and above average cooperation. Some of your associates may think of you as a teddy bear because you tend to satisfy others in order to get along better with them.”

This makes sense to me, as I definitely try to ensure everyone gets along as much as possible. I am less likely to give my opinion in a discussion if I think it conflicts with the views of others. I am much happier when everyone is getting along.

Personally though, I think I am a combination between being accommodating, and avoiding conflict all together. The questionnaire defines avoiding as: “You tend to express below average assertiveness and cooperation. Some of your associates may think of you as a turtle because you tend to be quiet and listen because you don’t feel you can make a big difference anyway.”  This sounds a lot like me as well, as I do tend to just be quiet and listen during conflicts, and go along with what the group decides to do. The second part of that is certainly true, although I think that would change if I felt like I had an important part to play in the team, or something important to add. I have yet to be in a position in a school where I believed I was in a position to have a say in how the school was run.

I know I need to be more assertive, and speak more during discussions. It usually takes me a while to feel comfortable enough in a new group of people to contribute to discussions, and even longer to become involved in group conflicts. I tend to work better in one on one situations or in small groups. This is why the leadership part of the teacher librarian role scares me sometimes. My role tends to be to make people feel better after they have been involved in a conflict, and talk them down if they become upset.

I need to become more confident in my ideas and be more willing to defend them to my peers. This is the area I need to work on.


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