Posted by: eheino | September 16, 2013

Communicating a new Digital Literacy Program to staff


You have developed a new digital literacy program that you believe needs to be used across the school. How will you communicate this program to your staff?

There are a number of messages that need to be communicated here. First, because the digital literacy program is complicated to explain, I believe it needs to be communicated both verbally and in written form. So first I would call a meeting to discuss it. I would call the meeting by sending out an email to all staff with a time and place, and the topic of discussion. These would have already been decided between myself and my supervisor. By choosing a staff meeting as the time to address this program, everyone should be in the correct frame of mind for receiving my new information, and there shouldn’t be too much interference.

At the meeting, I would provide everyone with a written outline of the digital literacy program, and then verbally explain it to everyone as well. By providing a print medium as well as a verbal one, my message is more likely to be remembered. The staff can also take notes on the printed copy if they need to. I would begin by explaining why it is important to include the new program in the curriculum. Because I am talking to staff, they should be able to understand ‘teacher talk’ so this kind of language should be fine. I would position myself at the front of the group, and allow questions and discussion so I can be sure that everyone understands. I would give my presentation first, so I can be sure that I have presented everything that I need to say, before asking for questions or comments.

After the initial meeting, staff are able to email feedback and ideas about the program itself or provide written feedback anonymously into my pigeon hole.

At a second meeting, feedback and changes are discussed, and a final program is agreed upon. Specific roles are given to relevant staff members so the program can be implemented.

After an appropriate amount of time has passed, the program is reviewed through written feedback, and then another meeting to discuss progress.


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