Posted by: eheino | December 2, 2013

In Response to Zipe

(Critics) are not recognising or do not want to recognise that the former traditional approaches to alphabetic literacy through reading print are not meeting the needs of young people who read texts much differently than the generations of teachers and educators who are teaching them.(p. 42)

Do you agree with Zipe’s comment? What are the implications for your role as a teacher librarian?

I don’t necessarily think that the traditional approaches don’t meet the needs of young people. This is a very necessary part of literacy and certainly needs to continue to be included as a major part of reading for students. Young children still need to be taught the basics of reading (phonics etc) and comprehension of a wide variety of texts. These should include traditional stories and non fiction texts, as well as more modern websites, interactive media and ebooks. So it isn’t really that the traditional methods aren’t meeting our students’ needs but that students should be taught to read and comprehend a wider variety of texts than just traditional books.

As a TL I will ensure that the collection includes a wide variety of texts for students to access, both on the computer and in print form. The books themselves also need to include things other than traditional picture books and novels, like graphic novels and interactive stories. Adding things like this to the collection should then encourage teachers to include them in their classrooms, particularly as the texts I include will be high quality texts that students should be exposed to.


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