Posted by: eheino | April 24, 2014

Reflections on marking of Assignment 1b

So I got my marks back on Assignment 1b, and I got a HD! So excited! Apparently I know a lot more about research questions and theory than I realised! Bev really liked my second iteration of my research question, but commented that it should be rephrased so it doesn’t invite a yes/no response. So I will have to think about that before I start my second assignment. She also suggested making my question even more specific by choosing one concept to focus on in mathematics rather than just general skill practice as it will make it easier to assess in a small-scale project. I can see that, maybe I should choose multiplication/division or addition/subtraction, as they are concepts that usually use either mobile technology or physical materials to practice them.

But yeah, apart from that, really happy with my results! She also gave me some really useful feedback on my writing style and APA referencing which should come in handy when writing future pieces. She went through the assignment with a fine-tooth comb and pointed out where I had used passive voice and things like that which should be avoided. It was good to have those things pointed out to me so I can improve. I think most markers focus on content rather than writing style and small details so I really feel like I learnt something from her feedback.

The second assignment looks daunting. I have to decide what my research methodology will be, and there are so many choices. The text looks quite complicated to read too so I will have to take my time reading it so I know I understand it.

I will cross my fingers I can repeat my success for the second assignment!


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