Posted by: eheino | March 19, 2013

School Libraries on Pinterest


Unlike other curating tools, Pinterest allows librarians to separate their resources onto different boards to make the wealth of resources available easier to sift through. I also like how it uses images to preview the resource, making it more visually pleasing than a text link like on delicious.

Bruce Guadalupe Middle School uses Pinterest to curate links to all things library. After looking at a few different schools’ pinterest accounts, this one particularly spoke to me because not only did it supply links to author websites and great reads, it also collated resources for each year group, as well as ipad resources, tech tools, teacher resources and internet safety links. The librarian has clearly spent a lot of time collating these links, and the result is a demonstration of how much this librarian cares about his/her job.

This Pinterest page could be used at home or in the library during lessons. It could easily be the homepage for computers in the library, which would give students the opportunity to explore the links whilst in the library. Teachers could access this page and find resources that link to work happening in their classrooms. They could also draw inspiration from some of the display ideas presented on the “Library Displays” board.

Did I mention I love this page? I can’t wait to make a Pinterest page for my own library one day!




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